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5 Home Remedies To Eliminate Silverfish

Having silverfish in your home is not a good sign because any kind of pest infestation can be dangerous. Often, this can lead to unexplained allergic reactions in people. Thankfully, there are a few home remedies for silverfish control. So, you can use them and get the best solutions.

Put Some Food On The Sticking Trap

Silverfish love starchy foods and that would give them the energy for their life. You can keep this on sticky traps and then keep it on the floor. You will see that in a day or two, a few will be trapped in the same.

Cedar Oil For Removing Silverfish From The Premise

If you come across the fact that there are silverfish in your area then you need to quickly take some action. Cedar oil is an effective repellent to remove silverfish. So, you should make a spray out of water and cedar oil. The places where you feel that there are too many silverfish, you should spray the cedar oil mixed with water. This will ensure that there would be the removal of silverfish from your home. They get this smell and this will make them rush out of the house.


Dried Bay Leaves Can Also Work As Repellents

There’s one more thing that you can think of to eliminate silverfish from your home. These include dried bay leaves. If you can keep them in the corners of your home and also in the places where you store boxes and newspapers then there will be better results. The dried bay leaves work as the best repellents and this will offer you the best pest removal solutions.

Use Baits With Silverfish Poison

In the general stores or at various online stores you will find silverfish poison. You should use the bait and there should be silverfish poison on the same. This will ensure that the silverfish will get caught and will die.

Use Vinegar Drops In The Places Where You See Silverfish Infestation

Vinegar has a strong smell and the silverfish would go away with this smell. You need to spray water and vinegar on the places where there is a silverfish infestation. This will help you to get the relevant solutions. There will be natural pest exterminatorSo, keep an eye on the basic things and understand the options.

Apart from the above, you will see that there are many other things that you can get on with. But the above remedies are effective and can help you to prevent the silverfish for sure. If you feel that the home remedies are not working then you can call a reliable pest control company. This will ensure that the pests will go away from your home.


Silverfish are supposed to create allergic reactions. Also, it is quite disgusting to have such pests in your home. It would affect the hygiene factors. So, stay open to the basic avenues and find the right solutions. The above home remedies are good for silverfish control and this is going to be good for you.